Frequently Asked Questions

Agricultural Investment Project

  • How will i know the selected land is productive

    AIM Greenhouse is an agricultural investment management company.  Entire purchase items including farmland, greenhouse construction, infrastructure items, labour house and equipments are selecting one by one together with investors.

    Soil quality, water quality / quantity and legal clearance are main items for land selection. When any  item fails to meet the criterias, AIM Greenhouse directly eliminates the option from the list.

  • Can i apply citizenship with this investment

    Yes. When investment amount reaches 250.000 USD, Investors may apply citizenship program of Turkish Republic.

    Legal team of AIM Greenhouse makes all required applications and paperworks free-of charge.

  • Does land values increases annually

    Antalya receives massive demand from local and international investors. Tropical agricultural produtcs are easy to look after, generate high productivity and USD based sale prices.

    Esspecialy greenhouse project areas increased 6 times in previous 3 years in Antalya. *Turkish Republic Research Institution

    Available farm land stock decreasing also demand is increasing in entire city. This situation directly reflects to the agricultural land prices.

  • Can i exit the project anytime i want

    Since the fullownership belongs to the investors, they can sell their farmlands, and banana greenhouses anytime they wish. Incase if needed, AIM Greenhouse will give assistance to resell their project free-of-charge.

  • What is the service fee of the AIM Greenhouse

    AIM Greenhouse have two different fee for the project;

    • 10% of the initial investment amount for project creation
    • 20%of the harvest for the management f the agricultural project
  • Can i trust AIM for entire process

    Entire steps are being decided together with the investors.

    Also AIM Greenhouse signs  binding contracts, containing all services and penalties.

  • How can i check if the project income based on real information

    All information shared about the project, are supported by official sources.
    (productivity, sale price of banana, land price, greenhouse construction price, soil quality etc.)

    There is no hidden information in AIM Greenhouse.

  • What is the time period to construct greenhouse

    Depends on the weather conditions and project size, construction may take 2-3 months.

  • How long it takes to convert title deed status and transfer to the individual name

    Following to completion of construction, within 1 month title deed status changes to Greenhouse, and 2-3 week for transfering ownership

  • What are the risks of the project

    Agriculture projects generally contains some risk factors. However, Greenhouse cultivation is the game changer in classical agricultural projects. Benefit of creating Optimum growing environment (O.G.E.), Project completely secure from any dangerous bacterias, does not receive harm from weather conditions, almost double productivity, and the top quality products. Eventhough project fully insured by government (Tarsim)

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